Company Secretarial Services

We perform company secretarial services and keep companies up to date with the new Companies Act requirements. We act as the location of records office and submit and pay all the required forms to CIPC annually and when circumstances require changes.

Chartered Secretarial Services Gauteng

What makes us different and adds value to your Company?

ACMS has a big monthly control checklist of all forms submitted to CIPC. The status of documents submitted to the CIPC is checked from this control checklist and we then email our clients every two weeks to keep you updated as to the status of your submission for Company Secretarial changes.



Price List

Company Regisration Package

Includes the following:

  • Meeting to discuss setup of your company such as shareholder protection in MOI, 
  • Actual Company Registration
  • Income tax registration, 
  • VAT
  • SDL
  • PAYE
  • UIF
  • Appointment of Auditor / Accounting Officer









Cost for short MOI R 3 500
Cost for short MOI - No Meeting R 3 000
Cost for long MOI protecting shareholders R 4 250
Cost for long MOI protecting shareholders - No Meeting R 3 750
General Company Secretarial Services.
New (Pty) Ltd Company Registration Short version R 595
New (Pty) Ltd Company Registration Long version R 1 250
New Personal Liability Registration R 1 300
Non Profit Company Registration R 1 450
Annual returns R 350
Restoration of deregistered Companies & CC's R 350
Change in financial year end R 450
Certificate disclosures of Companies R 150
Conversions of Companies and CC's R 750
Maintenance of statutory records R 500 pa
Location of records office facility R 500 pa
Voluntary Liquidations R 1 500
Tax clearance certificates R 350
Close Corporation Amendments
Change in members R 350
Change in registered address R 350
Change in location of company records R 350
Change in accounting officer R 350
Tax Registrations
Income tax registration R 350
VAT registration R 1 250
PAYE registration R 350
UIF registration R 350
SDL registration R 350
Tax Returns
Tax return - Company R 750
Tax return - Individual (Basic) R 350
Tax return - Individual (Travel Allowance) R 500
Tax return - Individual (Complicated) R 350 p/hour
Company Amendments
Change in directors R 350
Change in registered address R 350
Change in location of company records R 350
Change in auditor R 350

Harmonisation of the new Memorandum of Incorporation.

All companies need to harmonise their existing Memorandum & Articles to the new Memorandum of Incorporation from the new Companies Act 71 of 2008 by 31 April 2013. It is taking CIPC 50 working days to get a new MOI through the system. If you are unsure as to what might need to change with regards to your MOI, please have a look at the things that would need to be updated on the right.

What could possibly effect your MOI? The following types of agreements or provisions:

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The registration of a business does not have to be a nightmare with secretarial services from ACMS company registration in South Africa is easy. VAT registration services are also available.