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It's that time of year again! Christmas? No!!! Financial Year End Audit... Why the sad face? Have you not received a value added service and signed financials on time? Were questions asked that made you wonder whether or not your company is actually a bakery instead of a highly technical factory? Don't despair... If you are seeking professional services that make you feel important no matter your size or type of company... give us a shout....! We are the solution to all your sleepless nights.

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At ACMS we understand the importance of building an established relationship with our clients and their staff members no matter how big or small.

ACMS staff invest the time needed to understand your business dreams, goals and the risks that are specific to each and every business.

ACMS provides guidance to grow and expand your business, increase profitability, decrease waste and inefficiencies, improve processes and productivity.

Company audits are performed in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), IFRS for SME’s and the new Companies Act as well as any other regulations Companies and Close Corporations have to comply with.

What makes us different and adds value to your company:

We have a hands on approach and strive to deliver a professional service where our efficiency and reliability is of the utmost importance. We place deadlines on the work to be performed as this makes us reach our goals. Communication with clients is our key to success.


  • The audit is performed by qualified and experienced staff not clerks thus learning costs saved.
  • Our rates are affordable and are highly competitive.
  • Our service quality is very hands on and have an open door policy with clients to phone us for advice whenever they are stuck with a problem.


  • What a pleasure to work with Advanced Cost Management Solutions. During the audit they were professional in performing their duties, and friendly in asking relevant questions or documents from me. They did not bother me unnecessarily. The audit was performed in the right amount of time as quoted and the financial statements were provided as quick as possible. We did not have to wait for them. Whenever I or anyone from TML Technik SA Pty Ltd or TML Technik Germany would need advice ACMS gave us the advice with proficiency and patience. This was the best audit I ever had, and can recommend these helpful and adequate professionals to everybody. Thank you for turning an annual nightmare into a dream audit.
    Maureen Schoeman,
    Administrator Manager & Bookkeeper
    TML Technik (SA) (Pty) Ltd

How to get a quote:

In order to give you an accurate quote ACMS needs your trial balance or budget for the year or period to be reviewed/audited. Please email your trial balance to and ACMS will send you a detailed audit time budget with the hours proposed and costs associated with your review/audit.

If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact Leonette or David on 011-704-5152 at the office.

Internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance activity designed to add value and improve an organization's operations. ACMS helps an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk, control, and governance processes.

Have you ever been asked to set up a new internal audit function? These suggestions and resources can help you get started.

Step 1: Establish the Authority of Internal Control

Step 2: Interview Leadership

Step 3: Review the Audit Committee Charter

Step 4: Understand Benchmarking Needs

Step 5: Review Policies and Procedures

Step 6: Discuss Control Issues

Step 7: Develop the "Audit Universe"

Step 8: Map Major Processes/Operations

Step 9: Develop Risk Assessment

Step 10: Develop Charter for Internal Audit

Step 11: Build the Budget

Step 12: Develop an Audit Plan

Step 13: Hire Staff and Develop Training Plan

Step 14: Ensure Complete Cooperation

Step 15: Establish Best-Practice Reporting Relationships.

Step 16: Establish Quality Assurance Program

Considerable experience has been gained whilst performing a sizeable internal audit of a company that has several USAID projects. Knowledge of the specific USAID requirements has been gained and ACMS offers independent audit reviews for entities that may require such internal audits.

ACMS reconstructs the files that will be under review from the USAID auditors. This means that the invoice will be recompiled in a file with all supporting documentation and any other documentation required for the specific type of expense required to be on file for the USAID auditors in order for the expense to be valid, this varies from payroll, travel & transport, per diem & accommodation to any other expense.

A management report will be generated for any value added points that should be brought to the attention of management.

What makes us different and adds value to your company:

  • Not only does ACMS perform the normal statutory audit but we are constantly thinking about how to add value and grow your business with our management accounting skills.
  • We have a hands on approach and strive to deliver a service within a respectable time limit. We place deadlines on the work to be performed as this makes us reach our goals. Communication with clients is our key to success.

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